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My 2020 Goals and January Tending List

I am doing something different this year! I am trying out a tool that I have heard of throughout YouTube over the past several months to help crush my 2020 goals this year. The tool: The Cultivate What Matters goal planner. Why is it different than anything I have tried in the past? Because it first helps you to figure out where you want to focus your attention. Then it breaks these goals down into such small steps that you can't help but accomplish them. And the big mantra is Progress over Perfection! That's HUGE for me, because I am such a perfectionist...if I don't see perfect results right away I tend to give up. This has completely changed my mindset and I feel like I have been freed! It's an amazing system, and, although only a couple weeks into the new year, I have made more progress towards my goals then I probably have made over the past 2 years. If you are interested in The Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets I would definitely check out the website:

If anyone would like a peek into my goal prep and a more detailed description of the power sheets just comment below that you would like to see more information about it and I can add it to my blogging schedule. For right now, let's move on to my goals for 2020 and the meat and potatoes of the power sheets, the January tending list.


Ok, so I figured out my goals for the year by working on the section in my goal planner on goal prep. This is an intense process that contains 34 pages of worksheets to help you discover what is most important in your current season of life. Based on the goal prep, I chose five goals that I want to focus my attention on in 2020. One point that Lara Casey(the creator of Cultivate What Matters and Power Sheets) tries to help you understand is that these goals are not set in stone...if you get through the first few months and some of the goals just don't fit or feel right, there is a quarterly refresh. Goals can be changed, re-adapted, crossed off...whatever you need them to be for whatever season of life you are in. Again, it's not about perfection, it's about progress and cultivating what matters to you in the if things shift or change, that's ok. That is just so freeing to me and takes a huge weight off of my shoulders. As for right now the five goals I have chosen are as follows:

  1. I will create a lifestyle that will help me to lower my HbA1C levels to 8.0 or lower this year for better control of my diabetes diagnosis.

  2. I will learn everything I can about the Flylady System and implement what I've learned to create a more organized, clutter-free, and clean home for me and my family to relax and renew ourselves in.

  3. I will implement The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families into my life, and, hopefully the life of my family, to be an agent of change and create stronger bonds.

  4. I will also implement The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families to create a stronger bond between my husband and I.

  5. I will begin to blog on my website and be consistent with my blogging schedule, niche content, and quality as I continue to learn and grow.

So these big goals are somewhat vague. The next step, then, is to break them down into more specific and measurable mini goals.

This is where the action plans come in. The pic above shows my action plan for my health goal for the year. I created 3 mini goals to focus on to help me with my over-arching goal of lowering my blood sugar levels. I then took those mini goals and broke them down even more into baby steps that I could start off with. These baby steps are now what I am working on each month, week, or day. My January Tending List is next and has all the steps I want to work on for the month for each of the goals I want to focus on.

January Tending List

The monthly action items are a list of steps that I want to accomplish within the month of January for all the goals I am focusing on(each goal is color coded). I have scheduled them into my planners master task list for January and will work on them throughout the month. The weekly action items are a little more specific and need to have a little more focus. These are steps that occur more often, a few times a week at least. The last section of my tending list is the daily action items; these are steps that I am trying to make my goal is to work on them most days of the month. So far in the first couple of weeks I have made pretty good progress. It feels good to check off my accomplishments and see how I have been doing.

Overall, The Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets and Goal Planner have been an incredible tool for me. They are keeping me accountable to what is really important in my life and helping me to be more intentional. I highly recommend trying it out! Check out YouTube under Cultivate What Matters for videos of power sheets or Instagram for examples of everything from goal prep to tending lists...Stay tuned for my January Month in Review at the end of the month for a look at how I did with my tending list.

In Good Health,


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