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Welcome to Kris Michele Nutrition

My Philosophy

Growing up,  our family ate wholesome meals that were balanced and colorful, met at the kitchen table each night to catch up on the days events and enjoyed the abundance of the season.  Thats what I strive to get back to: my food philosophy and my mission is all about balanced, whole foods and realistic approaches to better health with wholesome nutrition to nourish the body and the soul.  Through my 15 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and living with a chronic medical condition(Type 2 Diabetes), I have gained valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.  The 4 biggest things I have learned and strive to teach others is:

1)  A balanced, whole foods approach to wellness is key in long term success.  Finding that sweet spot where healthier foods can mix in with favorite more indulgent fare can be  created and enjoyed.

2)   There is no such thing as quick fixes when it comes to your health.  Investing in your health is so important and making small sustainable changes is what brings success in preventing or managing chronic conditions. Powders and pill supplements and "miracle" cures are bogus.  Restricting or eliminating whole food groups can potentially be harmful. I learned this through trial and error throughout my life.  The saying that slow and steady wins the race is so true.

3)  There is no one correct approach to health and wellness.  Each of us is unique and require a unique approach to our health and quality of life.  Our differences in culture, religion, upbringing, all may play a role in how we view food and nutrition; I have learned food is very personal and  I believe that bringing all of these approaches into a wellness plan helps bring overall success and quality into our lives.

4)  Self-care and self love are an integral part of lasting changes.  Learning to care for yourself and love who you are are all a part of the process for health and well-being. Taking care of ourselves not only helps us to feel amazing but lets us be an active part of our friends and loved ones to make lasting memories.

My hope is to create a community and provide support and inspiration to those that want to live a healthier and more well balanced life.  I have a lot of new ideas and projects in the works so stay tuned for sneak peaks and announcements when new additions to my website are available.  In the meantime, enjoy my blog and InstaGram posts over at krismichelenutrition.  Looking forward to growing my community with you!

In Good Health, 


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